Știința și Neuroștiința educației


The Next frontier – Neuroscience of Education



The recent advances in neuroscience and the educational research may work together – a neuroscientific perspective adds a new dimension to the study of learning, and educational knowledge could direct the neuroscience research towards relevant areas. Researchers and educators may work together to identify educationally-relevant research goals and discuss potential implications of research results. Educational neuroscience is necessary for defining a real science of learning.

This could be entitled the “neuroscience of education”, based on some of the current issues associated with bioinformatics or neuroinformatics and fMR imaging. The neuroimaging methods could be a valuable tool in the process of understanding the cortical processes that undergo learning.

Keywords: Neurosciences, neuroimaging, education, learning

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Source: http://postmodernopenings.com/archives/1706