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I thought homeschooling my kids would be simple. I was wrong.

by Jessica Mesman Griffith on March 5, 2015 I started collecting books about homeschooling before my daughter's first birthday. I imagined she and I would spend our days in the beautiful library at the college where my husband worked, reading on blankets in the fields, playing in the surrounding Virginia countryside, pressing flowers into nature journals. I didn't want her going to public school in the county, losing her taste for hobbits and her strange, adorable elevated diction and vocabulary. I didn't want her to lose touch with her imagination. I didn't want her heart and soul to be formed by Taylor Swift. It's hard for me even to remember when I could have been so idealistic about so many things at once —my own patience as a mother, my…


THE HOMESCHOOLING OPTION How to Decide When It’s Right for Your Family Lisa Rivero Preview: new eb20junior(358589, "large",0,"","606","775"); More information: click here to visit the Publishing House website.


Source: http://www.homeschoolbuilding.org/Item.php3?id=2283 MICHIGAN HOME SCHOOL HISTORY: 101 [May 2003] As time marches on and home schooling becomes more and more accepted, it is wise for us to go back and review the price tag that was paid for our current freedom and liberty. Most of us involved in home education today have no idea how difficult it was to keep your children at home in the late 80’s or early 90’s. Both the state government and local school systems were convinced that they alone were qualified to teach children. Even though home education is the oldest form of education known to man, our modern version did not come free of charge. In order to provide you with an understanding of the legal battles that led up to our current laws,…

Efectele stresului asupra creierului, dr. Dragoș Cîrneci, video

Doctorul în psihologie și neurocercetătorul Dragoș Cîrneci ne spune care sunt parametrii ce diferențiază și influențează stresul, ce înseamnă stres bun și stres rău, fiecare cu efectele sale aferente, impactul pe care îl are stresul asupra corpului și creierului, de ce unii oameni pot gestiona stresul mai bine decât alții și care este legătura dintre stres și copilărie. Sursa: www.psychologies.ro Blog: http://dragos-cirneci.blogspot.ro/

Extras din Legea Învățământului Secundar, 1928

Câteva pagini cu privire la Învățământul în familie: Apăsați aici pentru a le descărca în format pdf.

Do We Need A Degree To Be Educated?

by Mike Sygula, Source: http://truththeory.com/2014/04/29/do-we-need-a-degree-to-be-educated/ I recently saw a comment under a controversial video discussing , an archaeological site. The presenter is a well-known author and former musician but doesn’t have an academic background in archeology. Here is the comment: “ This guy isn’t an archaeologist. This is bullshit. Look him up on Google. He’s a fucking musician who just has a thing for African culture which is great and all that but it DOES NOT MAKE HIM A GEOLOGIST OR A SCIENTIST!” We are often judged by our formal education diplomas. However, it is worth asking ourselves these questions : Does the fact that someone has no academic degree in a particular field mean that this person is not capable of being an expert on that topic? and Why…

A. S. Neill - Founder of Summerhill School, video

A.S. Neil talks about freedom and his Summerhill School in England. Summerhill is often said to be the first school based on freedom and democratic ideals. The documentary was called "Here and Now".

Acasă e acolo unde învăţ

Patricia Heidenry, 19 octombrie 1975, New York Time Magazine Soţul meu şi cu mine nu ne ducem copiii la şcoală, îi educ eu însămi acasă. Avem patru copii – Mary, 10 ½; John, 9; James, 7 ½, Margaret, 4 ½ – toţi născuţi în New York, unde locuim de 8 ani, în aceeaşi casă-apartament din Manhattan. Ca urmare a ezitărilor pe care le-am mai avut de-a lungul timpului, primii trei copii au mers la şcoala publică din septembrie 1973 până în iunie 1974. Timp de trei luni, din ianuarie până în martie 1973, au urmat şi cursurile unei şcoli săteşti din Anglia, ţară pe care am vizitat-o atunci. Aceasta înseamnă că primii trei copii au făcut 12 luni de şcoală. Fiecare are propria definiţie pentru o şcoală bună. Pentru mine,…